mercredi 18 octobre 2017


cold triangles

I was out of inspiration so i asked my brother's friend to choose 2 colors and a stamping plate, and we came up with this haha! pretty nice tho !

Products used:

Flormar : 'sky blue' 'M19' , mattifing top coat '808'
Born pretty store stamping plate : Negative space BP-77

Love y'all xoxo

dimanche 17 septembre 2017


Somewhere beyond.

Serpents and spiders, tail of a rat call in the spirits, whatever they're at. Rap on a table it's time to respond, send us a message from somewhere beyond. 

Look details:

 Choker : aliexpress
            Dress: Jurgen Michaelsen
          Shoes : zaful (link here)
Socks: aliexpress
                   Dragon ring: Alchemy gothic

Makeup details :

                                     Brows : benefit cosmetics gimme brow shade 3
                                                     Eyes :  Urban decay cosmetics eyeshadow primer potion
                                                                 Bh cosmetics carli bybel palette : burgundy shade
                                                 Colourpop super shook shadow roulette
                            Escence super precise liner                                                                      
                                       Too faced better than sex mascara
                                       Face :  Maybelline dream mat mousse fondation
        /fit me concealer
                                    Too faced chocolat soleil bronzer 
                                      Bh cosmetics Carli Bybel highliter
                       Lips : Jefree star 'weirdo'

Photos by Nouhaila eljarmi photography and Younes saadi photography.

Hello lovely readers, I hope you're all fine ! A few months ago i purchased those ouija socks from aliexpress and i've been stugling to find the perfect dark outfit to go with them. Then I remembered my old Jurgen Michaelsen dress ! All i had to add were accessories ! I don't like too much accessories to be honest so I just wore some rings, and of course my favorite dragon ring from alchemy gothic plus a choker I got from aliexpress too (life saver lol ) . As you can see, i'm wearing my favorite shoes from zaful, you guys can't imagine how much i love them, they're so compfy, and even if i'm already tall i don't care haha . 
So i guess that's all for today let me know if you like this outfit ! love you guys ! 

jeudi 14 septembre 2017


Blazers wishlist from rosegal

Good evening dear readers ! after posting a lot of wishlists lately, I received a positive feedback about it, and I really like the fact of giving you some ideas about some specific items, whether it's wigs/ dresses/ clothes etc.. from different interesting websites, whithouèt having to buy them since i can't do that everytime haha! Today i'm gonna talk about a quite popular website : Rosegal. One day i was looking for some classy blazers to b uy online, and i found some pretty interesting items here . I'm gonna show you my favorite ones ! - click on the pictures for the direct link

Who doesn't love velvet? especially that it's trendnig lately ! this royal blue velvet blazer is so perfect with any outfit. can be worn with absolutely everything, you just gotta find the perfect color match ( i would personally wear it with all black )

This simple classy blazer is a to-go for me when I have a quite important meeting, or render ( at the university) or anything that needs an "adult looking" outfit ahah

Those 2 items remind me of a some renaissance blazers, I LOVE  this kind of items that have a little  pop of old clothes, especially that i'm a huge fan of renaissance, medieval, and gothic styles.

Still in the "renaissance" vibes but with a modern touch? yea it can work ! what do you think? i personally like it so much.

This one is perfect for winter or any cold day where you gotta be classy.

That's all guys! I hope you found this article interesting. You want some new clothes? why not taking a look over here ? Summer sales ongoing, all from 33% off. Use code RGEN for another 10% off ! time for a new outfit !

Love you all !

mercredi 13 septembre 2017


Cosmos sparkle

A perfect eyeliner is a great way to feel good, but what about a huge glitter liner? especially the G L I T T E R part ! haha so hi guys hope you're all fine ! today i'm showing you a glitter yelook that i'm dying for lately. let's tlk about the 'how to' : so you start by drawing to shape of your eyeliner, i used flormar art liner because it's so thin and precise, put Nyx glitter primer and then add you favorite glitter , here i used cosmos glitter dust from H&M. put eyelaches , mascara and here you go ! you can add some pearls arround the eye if you'd like to !

Products list :
Benefit cosmetics gimme brow shade 3
Eyes :
Maybelline fit me concealer
Flormar art liner
H&M glitter dust ' cosmos'
Too faced better than sex mascara
Dodolashes D207 lashes ( use code mimiakumette)

mercredi 6 septembre 2017


Front lace wig wishlist

Hello readers ! how are you today? hope you're all fine ! today i'm doing a very different kind of wishlist. i'm going to talk about my 5 favorite lace front wig from I just discovered this website a few days ago and I really loved their products. As you know, i'm a cosplayer so I use wigs really often and good quality is a must! I've seen a lot of websites who offer some great front lace wigs but they're, most of the time, over priced. What I liked about dresslily ones, is the good price ! not too cheap and not too expensive either. A reasonable price, for, as i can see, good quality wigs. they have a pretty large choice : humain hair , synthetic wigs, colored or natural , and a lot of styles. The best part is that they have FREE SHIPPING worlwide, isn't it perfect?

This wig is my dream hair cut, but I don't have the courage to cut my -very- long hair, so this can be perfect if I want to change my hair style and try something new without touching my hair! (click on the pictures for the direct link)

Dream hair colors? i say YES ! again with the fact that I don't want to ruin my hair, wigs are the perfect option , and especially front lace wigs , they make it look so natural, in real life and pictures too !

Well that's all for this wishlist, I hope you liked it ! If you have any other propositions drop them in the comments section !

Love you dear readers!

mardi 5 septembre 2017


Geometric morrocan touch

Long time no nail art post !

Did a really simple nail art with a quick geometric touch filled with some pastel colors, and a warm red color all over the other nails ! i'm a huge fan of the Flormar's full color collection: an opaque nail polishes, perfect for stamping, and requires only 2 cotes (sometimes juste 1), with a perfect glossy finish especially when you add the top coat of the same collection ' crystal glam'.

Products used:

Flormar : 'neo love story' 'over the alps' 'sky blue' 'lemoncello' 'crystal glam'
Born pretty store : stamping plate :  Illusion theme BPL-027 - click here to shop

love y'all xoxo

jeudi 31 août 2017


Homecoming dresses wishlist

Dresses dresses dresses.. ! only god knows how much i love them even tho i don't wear them a lot, and one of the reasons why, it's because i hardly find the dresses i like. pretty sad isn't it? but hey ! this won't stop me to look for them and therefore, share with you what i found. Today i'm going to talk about a store where you can find a large choise of dresses, Sassymyprom ! what interested me the most are the homecoming dresses that you can find here --> You can wear this kind of dresses in almost any event. I personnaly would wear them at a party, wedding, graduation, ... who agrees haha?
So here's 10 amazing homecoming dresses under 100$ because yes, the price matters, and for dresses like these it's really interesting !

You all know that black is my favorite color, but this time, I only choose black 2 items because all the others ones are great and had to show you an exemple of everything. (click on the pictures for the link)

Now let's have a look to these red homecoming dresses ! Even if the black color is classy, and more formal when it comes so a really important events, red and burgundy are a great option , whether for formal or simple events. They add that pop of warm color, and with some silver, black, or gold jewerly and shoes, it makes a perfect outift. 


For the pastel colors, I liked this old/faded pink color, actually this is the only pink color that i can MAYBE wear someday if i have to. but look and this cute design and flowers with the off shoulders colar! that tulle skirt makes it look so feerique.
lace white dresses are, for me, the perfect dresses or a wedding party. It's so angelic and pure, and makes you look like an angel ! but it can also be worn at any event depending,of course , on the accessories you're going to wear with it because it makes all the difference.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article and I hope it helped you to find your dream dress! Thank you for reading  


Welcome to my world which I named Akumette . I’ve always been an hyperactive person, taking every day a new challenge, trying everytime a new thing , so I made this blog to share with you guys what I love to do. I discovered the bloggers community a year ago, and wanted to be a part of it, but it took me a while to finally start ! so I basically love evreything related to art : I’m a makeup / nail artist , cosplayer , youtuber ,writer, and fashion lover. I have my own shop that i opened almost one year ago, it's my little corner where I give you the opportunity to shop the items that matches my own style. I would love to thank all the people who supported me and helped me creating the blog, also a huge thanks to you dear reader. so would you like to follow me on my journey ?