vendredi 17 novembre 2017


Pinky Paradise circle lenses review

Hello dearies ! so this is my first time doing a full blog post and reviewing lenses. this pair was sent to me by I can't really tell you how it works to make an order because I was contacted my email and they sent it to me directly. However, the shipping took about a month. 

Time to show you the package !! this is what was inside  : some super cuuute stickers that you can find here, the lenses called "vassen sakura green" you can fin the direct link here,  doggie lens case that you find here, and a hair accessory I have no idea about the name because it's writtent in corean.

Now the lenses !! 

As you can see down below it's a comparaison between my natural eyes and the circle lenses . Sorry if i look weird on the pictures without makeup it's just because I wanted to post this so bad and didn't find time to take the pictures sooooo I took them early in the morning before going to the university haha ( messy eyebrows and puffy eyes )

Overall rating 

Design : 4/5 
I really loved the design so much, the green parts helps to blend into your natural eye color especially if you have hazel or green eyes ! the black circle gives a cuuute doll effect.  

Comfort : 5/5
TO BE HONEST they are so  comfy and the colored egdes didn't bother me AT ALL and you can barely feel them ! It's like i wasn't wearing anything, maybe sometimes some blur due to the water of the eyes but tha's all. If you have worn lenses before you'll understand  what i'm talking about. 

Enlargement: 5/5 
it's extremely noticeable as you can see on the pictures, they give you that huge pupppy eyes effect haha

Color : 4/5
The green is so vibran so it doesn't look natural at all, but that's the point of those lenses. but if you're looking for a natural huge eyes effect just go look for something else. 

That's all for this pinky paradise circle lenses review ! I hope you enjoyed reading. if you have any questions leave them on the comments section I will be happy to answer you ! 

Take care lovely readers <3

vendredi 10 novembre 2017


My soul is red.

My soul is red, like love, and fire, and sweet red roses -unknown

Makeup details :

                                     Brows : benefit cosmetics gimme brow shade 3
                                                    Eyes :  Urban decay cosmetics eyeshadow primer potion
                                     Bh cosmetics carli bybel palette
                             Escence super precise liner                                                                      
                                       Too faced better than sex mascara
                                       Face :  Maybelline dream mat mousse fondation
           /fit me concealer
                                     Too faced chocolat soleil bronzer 
                                       Bh cosmetics Carli Bybel highliter
                            Lips : Sephora lip stain N°1

Look details :

Top : Forever 21
            Jeans : Soorty entreprise
                                           Heels : Rotellishoes from Parkson malaysia
                     Rings : The rogues + the wolf

Hello dearies, I'm here again for a new article with a new look ! I wore this outfit for my cousin's birthday and posted a picture on instagram and you guys loved it so much that I decided to do a proper shoot and give you all the details about it. The top as I mentionned is from forever 21 , comes in 2 pieces : the mesh one on top with the embroidered roses, and the 2nd which is a simple black top. to give a HUGE importance to the red details I wore a black high waisted pants. Dark colors brings up the brighest right? following the red theme and adding more red details, I wore my red heels and red lipstick (i love this one SO MUCH), black matte rings and red nails, staying on the red/black contrast (and spirit why not?)

Hope you liked this look let me know if you have any color combo suggestion or maybe just you favorite one ! would like to try some !

love y'all xoxo

All pictures by Nouhaila Eljarmi photography

vendredi 3 novembre 2017


Boots wishlist - Dresslily

Ever wondered where you can buy pretty sheap shoes with a good quality ? well at Dresslily they have some amazing shoes, all kind of styles, you'll surely find what you desire. on this whislist I put my top 5 favorite boots. yes they can have some gorgeous goth pieces in these websites ! have a look down below ! ( click on the pictures for the links)  all of them are boots, perfect for the fall/winter season, i thought this migh be interesting since this is all we gonna need to buy for the next few months. 


Yes they're all black, couldn't help it haha not only because it's my favorite color but i think that you can pair the black with any other colors and it's gonna look good and classy ! Did you like them too ? leave your opinion in the comments below ! would love to know if you guys have the same taste as me ! 
Love y'all xoxo

jeudi 26 octobre 2017


winter wishlist - sammydress

Winter is coming, so we better be prepared ! Today I wanna show you some items I really liked on Cozy sweaters, trench, coats, etc... all the essentials to stay warm in winter !

Let's starts with pullovers (click on the pictures for the direct link) :

This lovely oversized cable knit sweater available in 3 colors

This lace up cropped hoodie will be perfect with a hight waisted jeans 

A beautiful cropped hoodie with an embroidered rose

Also with the embroidered rose, which is the trend lately, this cute black sweater with floral sleeves

Now we move to coats, trench, etc.. 

You know that i'm a moonchild and moon lover and moon everything right ? well i found the perfect piece for winter with moon phases ! definitely gonna order it !

Wanna stay warm and rock your outfit at the same time? well here's the perfect piece for that ! this fleece lined faux leather motorcycle jacket is the key ! 

I always fall in love with those double breasted coats 

Classy trench for classy meetings! 

A pop of color maybe ? i'm so into red lately and i'm looking for some beautiful red clothes and this jacket is everything ! and it's also available in 3 colors. 

Long coats are so perfect because beside wearing them with casual clothes you can use them as a dress ! 2 in 1 haha and look at the lace details on the back ! makes it look so goth ! 

Last items i'm gonna show you is this gorgeous cable knit dress ! burgundy is my favorite color after black and this dress is so perfect.

I really hope you liked this wishlist, and I hope that this helped you to choose some winter items ! let me know i you liked something else or tell me what's your favorite item in this whishlist ! 

See you ifn next post ! love y'all xoxo

vendredi 20 octobre 2017


A vamp in the park

The darkness in a women is such that, stripped of our sight, we must feel our way through it. we crawl, we enter her circles of hell until we sympathise with her sorrow, until we learn from her age.

Look details:

Choker : aliexpress
                 Dress: Amazon ( shop in agdal)
    Shoes : zaful (link here)
             Fishnets : have them for years
             Dragon ring: Alchemy gothic

Makeup details :

                                     Brows : benefit cosmetics gimme brow shade 3
                                                     Eyes :  Urban decay cosmetics eyeshadow primer potion
                                                                 Bh cosmetics carli bybel palette : burgundy shade
                                                 Colourpop super shook shadow roulette
                            Escence super precise liner                                                                      
                                       Too faced better than sex mascara
                                       Face :  Maybelline dream mat mousse fondation
        /fit me concealer
                                    Too faced chocolat soleil bronzer 
                                      Bh cosmetics Carli Bybel highliter
                       Lips : Colourpop 'Prim'

Hello guys hope you're doing fine ! I always love to combine outifts that end up making a goth look,  I went for this simple vampy look  with only a dress, choker, and fishnets. the boots makes it look more goth but you can wear whatever you like it's going to be beautiful too. the dress looks like it has a waist corset, with plissed skirt, thing that I really like. so what do you thing about it? leave you opinions on the comments section i will really apreciate it. Thank you for all the support !

Pictures by : Nouhaila EL JARMI photography
 Younes saadi photography

mercredi 18 octobre 2017


Cold triangles

I was out of inspiration so i asked my brother's friend to choose 2 colors and a stamping plate, and we came up with this haha! pretty nice tho !

Products used:

Flormar : 'sky blue' 'M19' , mattifing top coat '808'
Born pretty store stamping plate : Negative space BP-77

Love y'all xoxo


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