samedi 10 novembre 2018


what's under my eye

oops, my fingers cut my under eyes.

stepping out of my confort zone and trying this kind of sfx makeup, IT'S NOT THE BEST but this is a start haha hope you like it tho ! i tried to mix scary and funny ( not too scary thoo) but yea

Products used :

Brows :

Glam's makeup brow pencil in light brown
Benefit cosmetics gimme brow mascara shade 3

Eyes :

Too faced Sweet peach palette shades 'peaches'n cream'  'puree'
Lella makeup dipliner
syn&zyn lasting perfection powder
Maybelline the falsies push up angel Mascara
The sfx eyes :
Fake blood, liquid latex
Glam's makeup pencil eyeliner
Yan&one syn&zyn gel liner
Too faced sweet peach palette shade ' puree'
Nyx cosmetics sfx white creme
Maybelline fit me fondation shade '315'

Face :

Glam's makeup fluid full fondation - bronzing powder- pink blossom blush
Bh cosmetics , carli bybel palette highliters

Lips :

Maybelliene lipstick N° 986 melted chocolate

mercredi 24 octobre 2018


Fortune teller

I've always wanted to try the fortune teller makeup even tho i'm not so into gold-ish makeup, but sometimes it's good to go out from your confort zone !

Products used :

Brows :
glam's makeup precise brow pencil
Benefit cosmetics gimme brow mascara

Eyes :
Catrice cosmetics eyeshadow primer
Bh cosmetics carli bybel palette (burgudy shades)
Yan&one single shadow very matte deep purple
Too faced  sweet peach palette 'luscious'
H&M glitter dust 'catherine wheel'
Mehron Makeup Gold metallic powder
Dodolashes D207 , use code mimiakumette for 10% off white lenses ; use code mimiakulette for 10% off
The 3rd eye :
Nyx cosmetis white sfx creme
Glam's makeup perfect line eyeliner pen

Face :
Glam's makeup fluid full fondation
M.A.C cosmetics prep+prime powder

Lips :
Colourpop matte liquid lipstick 'lax'
Mehron makeup gold metallic powder

Septum and necklaces are from

samedi 20 octobre 2018


The spirit-leeching maiden

Makeup details :

Brows : glue stick - glam's fluid full fondation - Yan&one syn&zyn lasting perfection powder
Eyes : colourpop single shadow 'let's do it' - Morphe 35B palette black shadow - Dodo lashes D207 'use my code mimiakumette' for 10% off - fake blood
Mouth : coton - latex - fondation - sy&zyn gel liner - black shadows
Face : Glam's fluid full fondation
lenses : Candylens white lenses -link- use my code 'mimiakumette' for 10% off

makeup look named by @lunaerion <3

jeudi 18 octobre 2018


The witch.

"We went to the adventure, following a witch that showed us the beauty of the old city, with a touch of darkness. She casted her spell with such passion to create that harmony, then the Blue met the black, and the lace met the sea"
-words by me

Amazing photoshoot by @nuinogallery  check his website .

mercredi 17 octobre 2018


The fight.

This is what happens whenever you see a picture online, we all want to show our brightest side, and that's fine! But you mpust not forget that mental illness is real, and a lot of people deal with it in silence, and others show it in other ways. for me it's art. I create to feel alive, this is how i fight my demons and voices, the self doubt, depression, anxiety , sometimes i acheive a look while having a panic attack. But what matters after all, it's the final result, i see myself progressing, learning, being free. it's okay to have breakdowns, it's okay to feel weak, but learn how to rest without quitting. I'm so grateful for everything I've ben and going through because this is what made me who I amn and this is what my demons, and illness made me do : a piece of ART.

Makeup details : 

@glamsmakeuparabia brow pencil 
@benefitcosmetics gimme brow mascara
@catrice.cosmetics eyeshadow primer 
@morphebrushes 35B palette 
@hm eyeshadows '
@sephora white liner and lips stain N°1
@glamsmakeuparabia perfect line eyeliner pen

Face : 
@glamsmakeuparabia fluid full fondation 
@yanoneofficial prefection powder and speedy highlighter stick
@bhcosmetics carli bybel palette's highlighter

mercredi 10 octobre 2018


sweet darkness

Hello lovely readers ! you probably already saw some of those pictures and the makeup tutorial I did for this makeup , if not you can find the link down below, but i just felt like sharing MORE !!! this is the first time ever i enjoy my goth makeup during a shoot, because that day i was happy and feeling myself so much and took my time to do it. A huge thanks to my dear friend @badrbelfqihh for literally traveling to do this shoot that same day ! you'll find all the makeup details on the video, the spider ring is from Rogue+wolf and the choker from aliexpress. well i guess that's all. 

love y aaaaa so much 

lundi 8 octobre 2018


Bloody witch

Long time no spooky makeup right? gotta find more time for that because it's amusing ! this was a really random look done with my friend @emylawson during an instagram live, turned out a really great look don't you think?

here's the list of all the products used : 

@glamsmakeuparabia brow pencil light brown
@benefitcosmetics gimme brow mascara
@nyxcosmetics sfx white face paint 
@morphebrushes 35B palette
@colourpopcosmetics super shook shadow 'dynasty' 
@maccosmeticsmorocco prep+prime powder
@sephora Lips stain 'N1' 
@jeffreestarcosmetics Liquid lipstick 'weirdo'

love y all !!!

mardi 17 juillet 2018


Little pinky thing

Makeup details :

 Brows :
-Benefit cosmetics gimme brow shade 3
Eyes :
-Colourpop cosmetics shade 'going steady'
-Bh cosmetics carli bybel palette 
-Escence cosmetics super precise liner                   
 - Benefit cosmetics 'bad gal gang' mascara
 Face : 
-Maybelline : fit me fondation + concealer

-Too faced christmas palette:
 'Chocolat soleil' bronzer and 'chocolate covered strawberry' blush
- Bh cosmetics Carli Bybel highliter
 Lips :
-colourpop cosmetics 'viper'

Look details :

Dress Fashionmia 
Shoes : Zaful
Rings : Rogue+wolf
Earrings : handmade

Hello from the super tan me ! delivering to you a super simple look featuring again a cute black dress from Fashion mia, I decided to play with colors for my makeup which is kind of unusual especially that it's actually PINK but hey it matches the flower haha ! anyway, beside that i have nothing to add, enjoy the post and the pics !
love y'all xxx

All pictures by Nouhaila Eljarmi Photography -link-

mardi 19 juin 2018


floral moon

Makeup details :

 Brows :
-Glam's makeup brow pencil light brown
-Benefit cosmetics gimme brow shade 3
Eyes :
-Makeup revolution : flawless resurection palette 'on' 'believing' based' 'new birth'
-Escence cosmetics super precise liner                   
 - Benefit cosmetics 'bad gal gang' mascara
 Face : 
-Glam's makeup: 
             /fluid full fondation 
              /too way cake powder
                        / bronz it bronzer 'light bronz'  
     /pink blossom blush
- Bh cosmetics Carli Bybel highliter
 Lips :
-sephota lip stain N°1 (slightly edited )

Look details :

Dress Fashionmia  -link-
Shoes : Shana shops
Rings : silver rings
Hat : Killstar -link-

Hello babes I hope you're all fine ! I'm finally here for an outfit post, did you miss it? so let me tell you that this was shot a month ago ! during the very first day of ramadan, it was really tiring and we could barely get great pictures because i looked so dead. on this post i'm feating a lovely dress from fashion mia that i received as a collaboration. if you saw my previous posts wearing their items, you probably know that i'm not a big fan of their quality. It doesn't look like the pictures, and the material is cheap. whoever i love how it is styled, plus for that price i guess that's pretty good. i didn't want to add a lot items to the outfit, just keeping it simple : dress hat and shoes. i wanted to have that simple dark look witha touch of red on my lips. that's all for this post ! i know it was quick but i hope you enjoyed it .

love y'all xxx

All the pictures by Hamza Kabli -link-

dimanche 3 juin 2018


Everydaywigs - wishlist

Hello dearies, long time no wishlist right? well i'm here to talk about a wigs brand that i saw a lot on socials medias, famous people, makeup artists and models wearing their products, and i decided to go check their website and give you a little "aperçu" about what they have.
I choose to show you 4 cathegories that really liked and i feel like they're the most used or let's say popular type of wigs.

I'm gonna start with the ones i like the most ; the ombre wings. i love how natural they look, plus they have a huge range of amazing colors, you can wear them outside like it's own hair, and to be honest i prefer to have a lot of wings with different colors and shapes rather than killing my hair, especially that they really look natural ! here's some pics on my favorite ones :

 Grey ombre wig -link-
Ombre red curly -link-
Maybe I don't look like someone who would enjoy a pink hair color but i really like that a lot, i even bought a pastel pink hair dye but i hate dark hair so it's really hard to get a good result , that's why i prefer a wig ! here's some of my favorite ones from the pink synthetic lace front wigs and no they're not the same, it's 2 different shades of pink, i don't like the bright or fushia kind of pink, it's more like old one, faded, or pastel. 

26 Candy pink wavy -link-

24 Pink -link-

The advantage of front lace wigs is that you can style them as you like, plus when the brand makes realistic hair lines, it's really amazing. so now let's move to a more neutral and natural hair color, the blond hair wigs : 

 Blond ombre -link-

Blond long wavy -link-
those are my little selection pf the pretty wigs i loved so much ! as i said they have a huge range of colors, they do not only have syntethic wigs but also humain hair ones !! yup that sounds crazy , they have different hair styles, lenght from short to mid-lenght to long, etc.. go have a look on their website it's interesting plus you gonna find a lot of people you might know if you're so into the makeup gurus and goth models world. the prices are quite expensive but for a quality like that it's worth it !
Anyway i hope you enjoyed this little wshlist and that new discovery, let me know which one is your favorite !! 

love y all xxx


Welcome to my world which I named Akumette . I’ve always been an hyperactive person, taking every day a new challenge, trying everytime a new thing , so I made this blog to share with you guys what I love to do. I discovered the bloggers community a year ago, and wanted to be a part of it, but it took me a while to finally start ! so I basically love evreything related to art : I’m a makeup / nail artist , cosplayer , youtuber ,writer, and fashion lover. I have my own shop that i opened almost one year ago, it's my little corner where I give you the opportunity to shop the items that matches my own style. I would love to thank all the people who supported me and helped me creating the blog, also a huge thanks to you dear reader. so would you like to follow me on my journey ?


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