samedi 4 février 2017

Morning's Shadow.

Rabat's cold weather needs a cozy sweater  ! This one is from Zaful and it's THE perfect sweater. I'm so obsessed. Wearing it with my all-black-everything look because black is love haha the thing with this sweater is that you can style the laces however you want , you can open it, shoulder off, or tie them, depends on you mood, your outfit or also the weather ! the pants are a high waist pants from Jennifer, and the shoes from Zaful. You can find down below the BTS of this shoot it was so fun go have look ! and also, I did a tutorial of the makeup I was wearing . so now you can get the complete look from head to toes haha 
I hope you enjoyed reading this article see you soon lovely reader ! 
Pictures by Kabli Hamza



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