mardi 16 mai 2017

Father's day gift ideas - Banggood wishlist.

Hello dear readers ! I don't know about you but I always find it hard to choose gifts for boys in general, whether it's my father, brother, or boyfriend. It's so complicated to find something that they're going to like, not like us girls haha! father's day is approaching and I teamed up with Banggood to give you this wishlist gift ideas, presenting items from the shop itself.

Short Sleeve T-Shirt Polo Shirt -link here-

Leather Band Wrist Watch -link here-

Leather Wallet Pocket Card Clutch -link here-

Jacquard Dot Pattern Ties -link here-

Suit Jacket Blazers Coat -link here-

Casual Collar Coat -link here-

 Lace Up Flat Sneakers -link here-

Round Toe Comfortable Sneakers -link here-

Cotton Long-sleeved Men Shirt -link here-

Men Wrist Watch Leather Quartz Watch -link here-

Hope you like it ! let me know if you have more gifts ideas and Happy father's day to all the amazing dads out there!! 

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