mercredi 12 juillet 2017

PickedDresses wishlist

Summer is here and weedings too! even if i’m not a big fun of this season , i’ve always loved some events that happens durings those few sunny and warm months. One of them are weddings ! and to be honest the only part that i like is food and keep staring at the wedding dresses haha., so if you are  looking for THE perfect dress , today i’ll be a wishlist from  PickedDresses, an online dress store  this post is in collaboration with Wedding dress canada, where you can find not only weddings dresses but also bridemaid, mother, flower girl and prom dresses. down bellow are my favorite wedding dresses from the shop, as u can see, i love those princess dresses with a big tulle and a corset with brodery. This is actually my dream dresses. also, the price is not really expensive compared to what I normally know and the quality seems really good. click on the picture to open the link !

Those 2 off shoulders and 2 strapless dresses, all with tulle and brodery, are juste perfect and i'm so in love. Feeling like a queen in that big tulle, and with the soulders off you can put a sparkly necklace, whether big or small, it's gonna look really nice, or, you can also wear nothing and still look simply beautiful. I, myself, don't like to put on any accessories when i'm wearing a beautiful dress just to give it more importance and value. 

This amazing red wedding dress is so original, few people wear colorful wedding dresses because the white one is the 'classic dress', but being different isn't a problem ! this one has a burgundy tulle and gold brodery, it reminded me of those traditional hindu dresses, full of colors, and accessories, this one is simple yet full of small details, it look fancy and classy. 

I really hope you liked this article talking about wedding dresses, let me know if you want more wishlists about any subjects you want, dont forget to check out Pickeddresses website for more beautiful items !

Love you guys ! xoxo


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