samedi 30 décembre 2017

TTDEYE gaea blue lenses review

Yes I know, there are amazing ..!! this is my 2nd lenses review, and this time it's from another famous company !  I won this pair on one of their giveaways ( they do a lot ! ) so it's not a sponsored post or anything. But anyways I always give my honest opinion soo .. this pair, as u can see on the title, is named Gaea blue -link here- and last for 1year. sadly my dad picked my camera lens so I couldn't take good pics (will do so later on ) it was so hard to choose a single pair from all the amazing ones they have on the website, but i choose these ones because they're so unique yet natural looking. On the picture you can see that they sent me a mirror ( arrived broken sadly), a cute lenses case ( thank god it came in black ) .

Overall rating 

Design : 4/5 
The design is great ! you have that color transition from green to blue and it makes it look so natural, i was shooked when i first put them on ! they're not very opaque but they blend really good with you natural eye color. 

Comfort : 5/5
They are SO SOFT and so light , i even had a little problem to put them on because they where so light i was affraid to dammage them. You barely feel like wearing something on your eyes. 

Enlargement: 0/5 

No enlargement here , it's a natural diameter , that's the point on of those lenses anyway.

Color : 5/5
Yes a 5/5 and you can't say no to that because look at the amazing natural color, that fits perfectly with my eye color, and giving the blue-greenish shade i'm in love honestly !

That's all for this review ! i'll try to uptade this post with more pictures later on ( especially after my finals ) but keep an eye on my instagram i might post some pictures and videos there wearing them ! 

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