lundi 12 mars 2018

Dark storm

Storm and rain washes aways my deepest pain.

Makeup details :

-Benefit cosmetics gimme brow shade 3
Eyes :
-Urban Decay alice throught the looking glass 'Bandersnatch' 
- too faced sweet peach palette '
-Escence cosmetics super              precise liner                   
 - Benefit cosmetics 'bad gal gang' mascara
-fit me concealer
-Too faced chocolat soleil bronzer 
- Bh cosmetics Carli Bybel highliter
 Lips :
-KatVonD 'ECHO'

Look details :

Coat Camaieu
Top : Camaieu
 Jeans :Pull and Bear
Boots : Zaful 
Rings : silver rings
Hat : Killstar -link-

Stormy day with a lot of rain? not this is not enough to stop me from going out and shooting some pictures ! despite being a pluviofile person, It was a painful day but worth it. this is my first time doing a shoot like this, and i'm so in love with the results, me and Zakaria (the photographer) were hoping for the rain to stop at least for an hour but no, rain was so stubborn haha but hey it was an amazing experience, discovering the old medina in a bad wheather conditions, empty, everybody's hiding, and no life in the streets. We went to the menara, a large esplanade with no place to hide, we had no assistant, but we managed to build a little refuge with our umbrellas so we could protect our bags haha as always i'm wearing all black, the top is a mixt of 2 fabrics a nightblue velvet and black mesh, it's not showing a lot on the pictures because it was too cold to remove my coat. Black jeans, black boots ( my ultimate favorites from zaful) some ring and my beloved hat with little cressents in it ! a witchy look in a rainy day, perfect portrait of who i am !!
So tell me how did you find it? did you like this stormy-rainy shoot? let me know in the comments !

Pictures by Zakaria Salhi -instagram-
Edit by me

Thank you again for all you amazing support I love y all xxx

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