lundi 25 février 2019


Don't be affraid of taking a moment to work on yourself, it takes time but don't ever give up. your well being is related to a healthy mindset . learn how to let go, seek you inner peace, let the universe guide you, admire what's arround you, get lost and feel everything deeply. allow yourself be sensitive, explore your emotions, accept them, then learn how to deal with them. Don't be affraid to fail, and redo it all over again. raise from your ashes like a phoenix. set yourself free from all the negativity, and ask the universe to help you, you'll be surprised.
i lost everything i worked on for years, my selflove, self confidence and so on.., but i won't give up, i'm taking a little break to rest, i was at the edge of the burnout, and i'm taking a step back to look at what i love to do, what i want, and what i gotta do to acheive it. i will come back and i won't quit. we all have our weakness moments, our problems, no matter how different they are, they're still problems. never say that others have it worse ! focus on your own happiness, be selfish a little bit, because your soul and body deserves it. they have been there for you in your greatest and worst moments. show to yourself that no matter who you are you can do it , just with dedication. you can't change what happened already, but you can work on what's coming next.

After being inactive for so long lately, i was inspired all of a sudden and wrote this and wanted to share it with you ! but time to talk about the outfit right? well if you know me well, i don't like to play with colors a lot, i'm more like all black everyday outfits. but sometimes i like to add a little pop of color to an all-black outfit. This blue electic jacket is so bomb, the color is facinating and i love it so so much. i wanted to give it all the importance so i went for a kinda sober/basic outfit : a black top with cross paterns on the arms, and a handmade tube skirt, some black tight because it's cold haha and those super comfy boots with a black glowy snake patern. for the accesorries i went for something basic too, my handmade earrings and rings, as Mies Van Der Rohe said : less is more.

That's all for this post, hope to see you soon i have a lot of projects in mind and can't wait to work on them ! until then , here's some kisses xoxox

Pictures by my talented babe @nouhailaeljarmi -link-

Look details :

Jacket : Primark
Top Bershka
Skirt : handmade
Tights : Calzedonia
Earrings : Akumette store
Shoes : Tamaris

Makeup details :

 Brows :
-Benefit cosmetics gimme brow shade 3

Eyes :
- Catrice cosmetics eyeshadow primer
- Too faced sweetpeach palette 'puree' 'banana date'
- Escence cosmetics super precise liner 
- NYX cosmetics vivid bright liner saphire                
 - Maybelline the falsies push up angel mascara

 Face : 
- Glam's makeup fluid full foundation and bronzing powder
- Syn & zyn lasting perfection powder
- Makeup revolution liquid highliter

 Lips :
-KatvonD liquid lipstick Lolita

----- Add the NYX coosmetics matte finish setting spray ----

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