jeudi 25 juin 2020

Finally Free.

104 days of lockdown are finally over.
Since 2020 started, the whole world has been -and still is- facing a pandemic that shaked its core. When being isolated, be it alone or with family, each one of us discovered another side of himself, whether good or bad. It was a wake up call for all those who took life for granted, those who thought that life is pretty and nice all the time. We were all confronted to different situations, we all suffered and found some little moments of joy regardless of the pain, anxiety and fear that filled us. We've been through ups and downs. Some kept fighting, some dedicated themselves to help others, and be there for those in need. A moment of union, humanity and solidarity. This was not easy at all and I hope we'll all heal from this, and work on ourselves to stay sane and healthy! So be proud of yourself no matter what you've been through, and no matter what you’ve accomplished, we're in this together. And most of all, don’t forget that the fight is still far from over, and to stay safe, make sure to keep the social distancing.
Disclaimer : This shoot was done a month before lockdown.

Pictures by Nouhaila El Jarmi -link- 

Look details :

Top Gozzi -link-

Skirt : Bershka

Boots : Pull&Bear

Necklaces : Rina Store

Fishnets : old ones 
 Makeup details :

 Brows :
-Syn&zyn eyebrown kit brunette
Eyes :

    - Loreal x Karl eyeliner           
 - Glam's makeup mascareye x2

 Face : 
- Yan&one concealer and pressed powder
- Syn & zyn contour kit
- Bys cosmetics blush trio
- Milani strobelight 'sunset glow'
- Mya makeup brow pencil for the freckles

 Lips :
- KatVonD liquid lipstick in 'Lolita'

----- Add the makeup revolution  setting spray ----

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