mardi 1 décembre 2020

SUCCUBUS - Halloween 2020

Hi dear readers, I know this halloween post his a month late but my life is a mess lately and sometimes I just end up forgetting things I should do, anyway ! I'm happy to finally show you the full shoot we did me and Nouhaila -link-

The costume is a bunch of pieces from older costumes and cosplays because I couldn't create a new one, but I'm happy with how it turned out ! I was mainly inspired by the succubus, the lust demon. 

For the makeup I sent for a black and red smokey using a pressed shadow from Colourpop 'let's do it' and for the red and the veins I used Huda beauty ruby obsessions palette , for my face and all the rest it's the same steps as always ( I invite you to check the makeup looks details either on the makeup or looks section)  

Shooting at the beach was a very entertaining experience, we had so much fun but also kinda ruined the costume a little haha but when there's dedication, sacrifices are a must ! I just Love what I do and create!

You can see a small footage on reels -link- and will probably share the bts later on stories , so if you don't wanna miss them make sure to follow me @mimiakumette

See ya in the next post !



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