samedi 14 mai 2016



 As I entrer from the door of the theater I get butterflies in my stomach and tears in my eyes. I run on the hall , like a happy child running in a garden, to meet my dear friend , the backstage . He's so majestic.  Then comes that magical prosses of getting ready for the show , everybody's freaking out and stressed , we all start screaming and laughing and dancing because we're affraid of forgetting a part of the choreography.  And here I am . In front of a hundred people if not more . Dancing. With all those lights.  That music. And that stage telling me : welcome home darling.


         Dance like nobody knows who you trutly are , express your feelings through your body , tell them what you've always wanted to say what you've been hiding inside for so long , be free . Because no one will really understand.  You'll be released from your burden without telling anyone your deepest tought . But it's both amazing and devastating. You'll be screaming for help and no one will save you . You'll be screaming for years until one day , a hero will understand you , and only then , you'll realise that he's a real hero , he understood what you were saying without opening ur mouth. Words are just used to distract the heart . Distract the feelings. Let your heart speak with its own mouth . And do not worry about people who won't understand you. They're not worth it .

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