mercredi 21 février 2018

candylens review !

Hello dear readers ! i'm here again for a lenses review and this time they're from , my favorite lenses brand, i've been purchasing my lenses from them for years now and i've always been satisfied, so i was really happy when they contacted me to work with them, I was so honored. so they sent me 2 amazing lenses from the GEO collection. they also gave me a code for you and it's 'mimiakumette' for 10% off your order !

The first pair is the GEO Sparkling green -link-

Overall rating 

Design : 5/5 
Amazing design that blends perfectly with the eye color ! it goes gradually from yellow to green to that black ring arround and gives a beautiful natural effect !

Comfort : 5/5
Let me tell you a story, i was packing everything because i was done with pictures, and thought that i removed both lenses, until i saw myself on the camera when i was snaping, that i was still wearing a lens on one eyes AND DIDN'T FEEL IT AT ALL ! can you imagine that? lvl of comfort 9999

Enlargement: 0/5 
Those are not circle lenses so no enlargement here.

Color : 5/5
I'm so in love with the color graduation on the lenses that give that literally sparkeling green color ! 

Now let's talk about the other pair of lenses , the GEO nudy gray -link-

Overall rating 

Design : 4/5 
it's so beautiful, and the gray particules are done in a way that gives a natural effect with those kind of linear dots

Comfort : 5/5
same as for the sparkling green lenses ! so comfy you don't feel them at all.

Enlargement: 2/5 
slightly larger than the eye pupill but not that much, you can still get that kind of natural cute look.

Color : 4/5
the color is soooo pretty but i feel like it's not a natural grey color (never seen a natural eye with a dark gray) but this is my own opinion.

For the package the lenses came with 2 cute aminal lenses case

I hope you guys liked this article, and enjoyed the review ! thank you for stopping by and taking time to read it, thank you for you support too ! let me know in the comments which one is you favorite and tell me if you ever purshased lenses from them/ or if you have any suggestions ! 

love y'all xxx

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