mercredi 4 avril 2018


You were born to shine darling. Do not hide your fire. 

Makeup details :

-Benefit cosmetics gimme brow shade 3
Eyes :
-Bh cosmetics carli bybel palette
-Escence cosmetics super              precise liner                   
 - Too faced better than sex mascara
 Face : 
-fit me concealer
-Too faced chocolat soleil bronzer 
- Bh cosmetics Carli Bybel highliter
 Lips :
-M.A.C cosmetics retro matte liptick 'dance with me'

Look details :

Vest : Fashionmia  -link-
Top : Forever 21
 Pants : Malaysia
Shoes : Marwa stores
Rings : silver rings
Necklace : local store

Sometimes we need a classy kind of outfit for a really important meeting, or presentation and personnaly I always struggle with that, especially that I do own like 2 or 3 classic tops ( yes I have a problem I gotta buy more) but anyway ! for this outfit I tried to mix some classic and casual items to make it too like professional haha I'm wearing this beautiful blazer from Fashion mia that you can style with any outfit you want and still looks great :  with jeans, skirts, a dress also , whatever you want .The pants are highwaisted with those laces on the front because I love it when there's cute details on my outfits. The top is a gray body suit, it's here to give a little pop of color since i'm wearing all black, and to show the necklace, the blazer and pants details ! it can be any color you want as long as it's clear enough to make the black details show up. For the shoes i usually go for high heels but sometimes it's painful so i bought those cute glossy shoes from marwa and i'm loving them ! they're perfect for a classy look as well as a casual one, light and comfy ( except for the first days i had blood everywhere) they can help in this kind of situations.

I hope you guys liked this article and please let me know where i can find some classic items i'm so desperate haha

I love y all xxx

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