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Lilith - Halloween 2019

Hi dear readers ! i'm back this time with a special post and i'm so so happy about it, i's literally the first time (in 8 years) that i shoot my Halloween costume ! this was taken the day of halloween but sadly couldn't make it to the blog earlier. so this year i was Lilith , the lilith to my lucifer since my boyfriend did lucifer , too bad he couldn't shoot with me ( but we have a cute pic on the gram đŸ™ˆ -link-)

When it comes to my halloween costumes, I love to create something out of many stories and myths, for lilith I actually mixed her story with Persephone : Lilith - lucifer / Persephone - Hades. 
There is many stories about Lilith, the most know is the one in the old testament and the jewish folklore where she's considered a demon of the night, she's also the rebel first wife of adam who refused to be subservient to him and quit the garden of heaven, some say she came back as a snake but i didn't take this version in consideration , I prefered to stay in the demon-goddess-queen vibe. For Persephone in the greek mythology , she's the wife to the God Hades and queen of the underworld, where they rule over the souls of the dead.
So I imagined a queen of dakness who's also a demon, played with makeup to make it look full of melancholy and pain, like a ceature of the night, a demon of the underworld, but also a queen and goddess with her crown and long dress .

The making : 

The velvet corset is handmade by my dear friend Sabrina and I , she has a cool store btw check it out -link- . The skirt is actually a dress i Bought from Mango that i modified. for the face makeup i went for the bloqued eyebrows and super huge eyeshadow , with glitter and graphic liner, smudged lips because they're my favorite went it comes to creating a dark witch/ demon. Got some help with the Neck and hands painting from my dear Friend Vanity -link-. the pictures are by my incredibly talented friend Nouhaila El Jarmi - link -

Look details : 

Corset : Handmade
Skirt : Mango
Crown : Aliexpress -link-
Umbrella : Random shop in venezia
Fake nails : Alpha55 -link-

Makeup details : 

 Brows :
- Glue stick
- Glam's makeup fluid full fondation
- Yan&One powder 
Eyes :
- Yan&one concealer
- Mophe 35B palette 'red'
- Red glitter           
- Glam's makeup mascareye x2
- Azeredo cosmetics lashes in 'Icon' 
- Candylens lenses in white out

 Face : 
- Glam's makeup fluid full foundation 
- Yan&one concealer
- You are cosmetics contour palette
- Syn & zyn lasting perfection powder

 Lips :
-Sephora lips stain N°28 and N°1

----- Add the NYX cosmetics matte finish setting spray ----

Well I hope you'll enjoy the pictures, and let me know what do you think in the comments section ! love y allll đŸ–€

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