mardi 1 septembre 2020

Skinny shaming is real.

I want to talk about something that really matters to me, something that people rarely talk about, but a lot of people out there are suffering from.
In the past few years I started losing weight drastically. I became insecure about my bones showing , my skinny legs and arms, my boobs getting smaller.. I was in a constant war with it, trying to gain weight using every way possible. But nothing, I just kept losing and losing. The reason was something I couldn’t control, a mess of health problems that made me become like this. I had breakdowns, limited my wardrobe to only things that doesn’t expose my skinny body. I was - and still am - bodyshamed a lot , being insulted in public, the pressure from family who thinks that obliging me to eat (in a really aggressive way) will solve the problem, people who don’t take you seriously and think that you’re the one doing this to yourself, while I can do nothing about it. I started losing my mind until one day when I realized that our body is in a constant change, and will keep changing until our very last breath. Even if you keep taking care of it, outside events will take over. It can be anxiety, illness, pregnancy, AGE. and it won’t stop. So i decided to love my body and to accept it. Due to my hyperactivity I tend to forget it and became completely detached from it. My body started torturing me, screaming for help but I never paid attention and didn’t even understand all the signs. It took me time to realize what’s going on, to understand that my body needs love and attention more than anything else, my body needs to be healthy and happy. Food wasn’t the answer, love was. I started listening to it, giving it some rest when it needed it, eating healthy food, doing some sports and keeping it hydrated, I also stood in front of a mirror and stared at every single angle of it, exploring it, appreciating the art of my body, because yes, every body is a piece of art. I just started this journey and I’m already feeling better even though I just lost weight again, but it’s okay, as long as I give it all the love and keep it healthy.
Skinny or fat i will accept it , and enjoy my life in it. And we should all do the same ūüĖ§

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