jeudi 31 août 2017

Homecoming dresses wishlist

Dresses dresses dresses.. ! only god knows how much i love them even tho i don't wear them a lot, and one of the reasons why, it's because i hardly find the dresses i like. pretty sad isn't it? but hey ! this won't stop me to look for them and therefore, share with you what i found. Today i'm going to talk about a store where you can find a large choise of dresses, Sassymyprom ! what interested me the most are the homecoming dresses that you can find here --> You can wear this kind of dresses in almost any event. I personnaly would wear them at a party, wedding, graduation, ... who agrees haha?
So here's 10 amazing homecoming dresses under 100$ because yes, the price matters, and for dresses like these it's really interesting !

You all know that black is my favorite color, but this time, I only choose black 2 items because all the others ones are great and had to show you an exemple of everything. (click on the pictures for the link)

Now let's have a look to these red homecoming dresses ! Even if the black color is classy, and more formal when it comes so a really important events, red and burgundy are a great option , whether for formal or simple events. They add that pop of warm color, and with some silver, black, or gold jewerly and shoes, it makes a perfect outift. 


For the pastel colors, I liked this old/faded pink color, actually this is the only pink color that i can MAYBE wear someday if i have to. but look and this cute design and flowers with the off shoulders colar! that tulle skirt makes it look so feerique.
lace white dresses are, for me, the perfect dresses or a wedding party. It's so angelic and pure, and makes you look like an angel ! but it can also be worn at any event depending,of course , on the accessories you're going to wear with it because it makes all the difference.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article and I hope it helped you to find your dream dress! Thank you for reading  

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