samedi 26 août 2017

Wild Mystery.


Sometimes she feels something is missing. Not a piece of her heart or any feeling of inadequacy. But her soul misses something intangible. The way a star misses the darkness come each morning. - Michelle Schaper.

Look details: 
   Choker : regal rose
Bustier : Bershka 
            Pants : Soorty entreprises
   Heels : Shana shops
                 Dragon ring: Alchemy gothic

Makeup details :

                                     Brows : benefit cosmetics gimme brow shade 3
                                                    Eyes :  Urban decay cosmetics eyeshadow primer potion
                                                                 Bh cosmetics carli bybel palette : burgundy shade
                                                 Colourpop super shook shadow roulette
                            Escence super precise liner                                                                      
                                       Too faced better than sex mascara
                                     Face :  Maybelline dream mat mousse fondation
        /fit me concealer
                                    Too faced chocolat soleil bronzer 
                                      Bh cosmetics Carli Bybel highliter
                       Lips : Jefree star 'weirdo'

Photos by Nouhaila eljarmi photography and Younes saadi photography.

Hello everyone ! I'm so exited to finally show you this look i've been working on for a pretty long time now, it reflects exactly who i am and what i love. whether it's the outfit , the place or the style of pictures. Everything describes me so well. It took me so much time to choose pictures because they were all amazing , thanks to the talented photographers Nouhaila and Younes ! we had a good time together shooting that day. I made this outfit to give a special importance to that gorgeous choker. with an all black everything, and simple look , your attention goes to the silver corset choker, full of incredible details. As for the pants, those sparkly details joins the choker to create a complete decor full of sparkles, and with the dreamy garden, you feel like you're on a fairy tail , at least, this is what i felt while shooting. It was so captivating that we couldn't stop taking pictures, we ended up having more than 200 pictures haha! a burgundy smokey eye is here to give a little dark pop of color, and a little bit of darkness with the black lipstick. A wild mystery.



I hope you enjoyed reading this article, love you all ! xoxo

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