vendredi 10 novembre 2017

My soul is red.

My soul is red, like love, and fire, and sweet red roses -unknown

Makeup details :

                                     Brows : benefit cosmetics gimme brow shade 3
                                                    Eyes :  Urban decay cosmetics eyeshadow primer potion
                                     Bh cosmetics carli bybel palette
                             Escence super precise liner                                                                      
                                       Too faced better than sex mascara
                                       Face :  Maybelline dream mat mousse fondation
           /fit me concealer
                                     Too faced chocolat soleil bronzer 
                                       Bh cosmetics Carli Bybel highliter
                            Lips : Sephora lip stain N°1

Look details :

Top : Forever 21
            Jeans : Soorty entreprise
                                           Heels : Rotellishoes from Parkson malaysia
                     Rings : The rogues + the wolf

Hello dearies, I'm here again for a new article with a new look ! I wore this outfit for my cousin's birthday and posted a picture on instagram and you guys loved it so much that I decided to do a proper shoot and give you all the details about it. The top as I mentionned is from forever 21 , comes in 2 pieces : the mesh one on top with the embroidered roses, and the 2nd which is a simple black top. to give a HUGE importance to the red details I wore a black high waisted pants. Dark colors brings up the brighest right? following the red theme and adding more red details, I wore my red heels and red lipstick (i love this one SO MUCH), black matte rings and red nails, staying on the red/black contrast (and spirit why not?)

Hope you liked this look let me know if you have any color combo suggestion or maybe just you favorite one ! would like to try some !

love y'all xoxo

All pictures by Nouhaila Eljarmi photography

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