vendredi 17 novembre 2017

Pinky Paradise circle lenses review

Hello dearies ! so this is my first time doing a full blog post and reviewing lenses. this pair was sent to me by I can't really tell you how it works to make an order because I was contacted my email and they sent it to me directly. However, the shipping took about a month. 

Time to show you the package !! this is what was inside  : some super cuuute stickers that you can find here, the lenses called "vassen sakura green" you can fin the direct link here,  doggie lens case that you find here, and a hair accessory I have no idea about the name because it's writtent in corean.

Now the lenses !! 

As you can see down below it's a comparaison between my natural eyes and the circle lenses . Sorry if i look weird on the pictures without makeup it's just because I wanted to post this so bad and didn't find time to take the pictures sooooo I took them early in the morning before going to the university haha ( messy eyebrows and puffy eyes )

Overall rating 

Design : 4/5 
I really loved the design so much, the green parts helps to blend into your natural eye color especially if you have hazel or green eyes ! the black circle gives a cuuute doll effect.  

Comfort : 5/5
TO BE HONEST they are so  comfy and the colored egdes didn't bother me AT ALL and you can barely feel them ! It's like i wasn't wearing anything, maybe sometimes some blur due to the water of the eyes but tha's all. If you have worn lenses before you'll understand  what i'm talking about. 

Enlargement: 5/5 
it's extremely noticeable as you can see on the pictures, they give you that huge pupppy eyes effect haha

Color : 4/5
The green is so vibran so it doesn't look natural at all, but that's the point of those lenses. but if you're looking for a natural huge eyes effect just go look for something else. 

That's all for this pinky paradise circle lenses review ! I hope you enjoyed reading. if you have any questions leave them on the comments section I will be happy to answer you ! 

Take care lovely readers <3

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