dimanche 3 juin 2018

Everydaywigs - wishlist

Hello dearies, long time no wishlist right? well i'm here to talk about a wigs brand that i saw a lot on socials medias, famous people, makeup artists and models wearing their products, and i decided to go check their website and give you a little "aperçu" about what they have.
I choose to show you 4 cathegories that really liked and i feel like they're the most used or let's say popular type of wigs.

I'm gonna start with the ones i like the most ; the ombre wings. i love how natural they look, plus they have a huge range of amazing colors, you can wear them outside like it's own hair, and to be honest i prefer to have a lot of wings with different colors and shapes rather than killing my hair, especially that they really look natural ! here's some pics on my favorite ones :

 Grey ombre wig -link-
Ombre red curly -link-
Maybe I don't look like someone who would enjoy a pink hair color but i really like that a lot, i even bought a pastel pink hair dye but i hate dark hair so it's really hard to get a good result , that's why i prefer a wig ! here's some of my favorite ones from the pink synthetic lace front wigs and no they're not the same, it's 2 different shades of pink, i don't like the bright or fushia kind of pink, it's more like old one, faded, or pastel. 

26 Candy pink wavy -link-

24 Pink -link-

The advantage of front lace wigs is that you can style them as you like, plus when the brand makes realistic hair lines, it's really amazing. so now let's move to a more neutral and natural hair color, the blond hair wigs : 

 Blond ombre -link-

Blond long wavy -link-
those are my little selection pf the pretty wigs i loved so much ! as i said they have a huge range of colors, they do not only have syntethic wigs but also humain hair ones !! yup that sounds crazy , they have different hair styles, lenght from short to mid-lenght to long, etc.. go have a look on their website it's interesting plus you gonna find a lot of people you might know if you're so into the makeup gurus and goth models world. the prices are quite expensive but for a quality like that it's worth it !
Anyway i hope you enjoyed this little wshlist and that new discovery, let me know which one is your favorite !! 

love y all xxx

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